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Staci Le-Miraflor

Staci Le-Miraflor

Kim Chau & Co. Fine Jewelers/ CEO

"Be genuine and the possibilities are endless."

For almost 30 years, known best as the largest Asian-owned jewelry business in Houston, Kim Chau & Co. Fine Jewelers is a hidden local treasure carrying high grade diamonds, jade, pearls, 18K and 24K fine jewelry collection. In 2017, Staci took over her family business and applied her brand of easy to wear elegant designs with high quality gems and craftsmanship her clients have grown to love. 

“Growing up as a first-generation Vietnamese immigrant has taught me resilience and a strong sense of determination,” says Staci. Her parents’ resolve to build a new life in the U.S. after fleeing their war torn home has left a profound impression on her. “There is no such thing as quitting for me because my parents’ sacrifices for freedom were so great.”

She focuses on selecting and designing lines that emphasize the styling of the modern woman and man with a twist of its own uniqueness. Every piece is exquisitely hand picked. She also utilizes her global resources to help clients curate custom, one-of-a-kind pieces. Kim Chau and Co. jewelers, gem cutters and vendors are a collection of professionals, highly renown for their craft and expertise in the industry. Staci's personal one-on-one approach to customer service with patience and attention to details is what makes her the preferred jeweler. 

Among her many passions, being mom to her blended family of 8 is her most cherished love. Second, would be her philanthropic works. 


Team Photo

The team, led by owner and designer Staci Le-Miraflor has trail-blazed a winning path with her clients by earning their trust and business through transparency, dedication and integrity. This is her driving force behind the business which she continues to instill in her growing team. 

Valerie Chang is the Sales/Marketing and Social Media lead and guru while Jenny Nguyen is the operations lead, managing customer relations and product creation. Along with their team of artisan jewelers, they are able to transform your jewelry dreams into reality. Their full in-house customization and global network of gem miners and cutters will curate the perfect piece to your specifications, with the details and quality only lifelong experiences can deliver. 

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